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Originally posted on August 7, 2006

It’s too damn hot to do anything…it’s about 33 or 34 degrees out there, and about 60% humidity. Ick. Actually, I think it’s hotter and more humid inside my apartment…my wallpaper seems to be absorbing all the moisture. It’s actually cooler outside (especially in the evening). I really wanted to vacuum and wash my floors today, but it was too hot, so i did laundry instead and spent some time parked in front of the fan, developing my new addiction….

…..ShoOot!!! (by TONYPA)

It’s a really simple shooter game, but it is so intelligently made, that it’s nearly impossible to get bored playing it…(unless you are a super gamer–but i definitely am not).

There are a lot of other simple but addictive games on Tony Pa’s website, and other than ShoOot, my favourites are Pixel Field (very groovy), Oktoober (very Canadian), and Save the Shoppers (very necessary when i go shopping).

Kinda reminds me of my other favourite game website–Orisinal (major squeal factor because it’s soooooo cuuuuuuute!!). Designed by Ferry Halim, every single one of these games is a work of art, and so different from most other games…


I recommend these ones: These Little Pigs, High Delivery, The Bottom of the Sea and Arctic Blue.