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I can has cheezburger makes me LOL. Srsly. Not sure what it all means? Read about lolcats, or read this, it’s very exciting. Linguistically. Plus there are buckets.

ROFLMAO procat.jpg

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flavor halp

JESUS CHRIST IT�S A LION critical mass

happycat jabba

bunny cookie sup cat

It kinda started with cat macros and lolcats, probably not these blogs specifically, but with the general idea, and grew from there. See also stuff on my cat and my cat hates you.

Oh, and somewhat related, there is now a disapproving rabbits blog! And of course, don’t forget cute overload…have you been there lately?

Bella Dia is a great craft website that i really like…she loves colour and cute as much as i do, it seems! her crafts are amazing, especially her felt work and pincushions (in particular, the little houses). She started the Encyclopedia of Me Meme, and she has her own Etsy shop. Check out more on her Flickr.

1. Tea Cozy, 2. Scallop Stitch Crocheted Scarf, 3. Single Crochet Scarf, 4. Water Bottle or Glass Cozy, 5. Zip pouch, 6. 3 Mini Crocheted Drawstring Bags, 7. Crocheted Basket, 8. Pink Buds Eyeglass Cozy, 9. Crocheted Bottle Cozies, 10. Vintage Vertical Striped Blanket, 11. drawstring tote, 12. Little Green House, 13. Little Blue House with Red Roof, 14. Halloween Haunted House, 15. The Little Pink House, 16. Forest House – front

1. Groovy Orange Garden #2, 2. Groovy Blue Garden #2, 3. Pink Hyacinth, 4. Pincushion: Bed of Roses (pink and brown), 5. Pincushion: Rings: multi, 6. Assorted Styles: Rings, Orbit, and Bed of Roses, 7. Flower Garden Pincushion, 8. bed of roses pincushion: cream on brown, 9. pincushions, 10. folkloric pincushions, 11. quilt pincushion, 12. Blue Scattered Flowers Pincushion, 13. Garden Party – tan, 14. Pink Bed of Roses, 15. Garden Party – olive, 16. Autumn Ground Pincushion