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You can google each of these or find them on iTunes. (Linking each individually would take more time than I am willing to take, and a lot of them automatically reroute to iTunes anyway. ETA–okay, so I decided to link them…but it will take a while to do all of them…) By the way, if you don’t have it, I highly recommend downloading iTunes, as there are gazillions of free things to listen to in their podcast section and their iTunes U is an amazing resource of free learning on the web–I have barely scratched the surface of the iTunes U section, and I will spend some more time exploring that later.

Absolutely Intercultural
ANTH 1010: Social/Cultural Anthropology
Asian American/Asian Research Institute, CUNY
Center for Internet and Society
The Korea Society
The World in Words
Definitely Not The Opera
CBC: The Link

The Accidental Creative
Boxes and Arrows Podcast
Design Matters
Metropolis Magazine
Type Radio
Simplexity of Design
Design Critique: Products for People
Design for the Real World
Logo Design
Home and Garden TV
Feng Shui Your Way

APM: The Splendid Table
Chef’s Series
Cook’s Illustrated Video Podcast
Epicurious: Food and Drink
The Food Geek Podcast
Free Culinary School Podcast
Good Home Cooking
NPR: Food Podcast
NPR: Hidden Kitchens Podcast
NPR: Kitchen Window Podcast
Start Cooking Video
Stump the Chef
Jamie’s Ministry of Food
Food Science

Arlene Tats and Knits
At the Yarn Shop
Bean Knits and Spins
Belle of the Ball Podcast
Getting Loopy!
The Knitgrrl Show
Cast On
Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast
Christa Knits Podcast
The Continental
CRAFT Magazine Podcast
Crafty Chica Podcast
CRL with Vickie Howell
Diva Knitting Podcast
DIY Style Vodcasts
Dyeing to Knit
Faery Knitting
The FiberCast
Filmandfiber’s Podcast
Gwendolyn’s Gifts
Insubordiknit Podcast
Irie Knits
It’s a Purl, Man Podcast
JustLindaOnline Knitting
Knaked Knits
Knit Obsession with zknits
Knit Picks’ Podcast
Knit Science
Knit Sibs
Knit Together
Knitmoregirls’ Podcast
The Knitter’s Wading Pool
Knitters Uncensored
The Knitting Cook
Knitting News Cast
Knitting Psychos
Knitting Rose
Knittingatnight’s Podcast
Knitty D and the City
Knitty Nora’s Knitting Natter
Let’s Knit Together
Limenviolet’s Podcast
Lixie Knits It
The Manic Purl Podcast
Miss Flip Knits
Pixie Purls Podcast
Pointy Sticks
Purl Diving
She-Knits Podcast: The Knitting Circle
Sleepy Eyes Knits
Socks in the City
Stash and Burn
Sticks and String Podcast
Stitch It!
Stitch Stud and His Bride
Sweaters for Dragons Podcast
The CraftyWoman’s Podcast
Unhinged Knitter
Y KNIT: Genetically Speaking
Y2Knit PODconnection
Yarn Thing: Crochet and Knitting
Crochet Unraveled
The Crochet Side
Never Not Knitting
Sock Tart
The High Fiber Diet
Knit Naturally
Knit Spirit
A Very Palpable Knit
Knitting Time Together
Knit Views

Asian Pop Radio Podcast
Magnatune Baroque Podcast
Cello Journey
Cello Podcast
Magnatune Cello Podcast
Celtic Folk Podcast
Magnatune Eastern Voices Podcast
Magnatune Folk Podcast
Magnatune Indian Podcast
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
JPopcast Show
Magnatune Medieval Podcast
Magnatune Renaissance Podcast
Simply Cello!
Studio 590
Yamaha String Instrument Podcasts
Beethoven Nine in 9

Ask a Ninja
Chub Creek Podcast
Giant Robot Podcast
Quirky Nomads
Vinyl Cafe Stories

Best Practices: Staff Development on the Go!
CALPER Podcast Series
Cactus TEFL Podcast
CERCLL Lectures
DIIA Teaching and Learning Podcast
ELT Podcast: The Teachers’ Lounge
ESL Edgycation
ESL Etc.
ESL Teacher Talk
IDC TV: Instructional Design Center
Insights into TEFL
K12Online07 Audio Podcasts
K12Online08 Audio Podcasts
L&T Newsletter
The Learning Theory Podcast
The Linguist: Learn Languages Online
PD Resources: ESOL
Save the Teacher! Podcast
School of Languages, Sabanci University
Teachers at Risk
Columbia University TESOL-Applied Linguistics Podcasts
Teachers TV
Teaching and Learning Podcast
Teaching for the Future
TESOL Presidential Podcast
TESOL Talk from Nottingham
Center for Teaching Excellence Podcasts
University Teaching Podcast
UWTV: K-12 & Education
Yale International, Center for Language Study
Social and Emotional Learning
Cool Cat Teacher
Teaching Strategies for the Everyday Teacher
The Teachers’ Podcast
The Secret to Teaching
Podcasts for Educators
David Warlick Connect Learning
Bit by Bit
Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Philosophy and Thought
Big Ideas
Books and Ideas Podcast
The Brain Science Podcast
Quirks & Quarks
Engines of Our Ingenuity Podcast
Henry David Thoreau: Selected Poems
In Our Time
LibriVox New Releases
Linguistics Lectures
Nature’s Lead
Philosopher’s Zone
Philosophy Bites
The Philosophy Podcast
Philosophy: The Classics
The Long Now: Seminars about Long Term Thinking
Thinking Allowed
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head
Unfettered Questions
Prof. Richard Gregory Neuroscience Lectures
Prof. Sir Michael Rutter Neuroscience Lectures
Prof. Uta Frith Neuroscience Lectures
Dave’s Quotes
World Books
Science and Creativity
The Word Nerds
CBC: The Best of Ideas
How to Think about Science
CBC: Spark
CBC: Between the Covers
CBC: Tapestry
CBC: Writers and Company
CBC: The Next Chapter
Search Engine
Canadian Voices
Here on Earth Podcast
A Way with Words
Princeton University Podcasts
University of British Columbia Podcasts
Yale University
University of Nottingham
Ethics Bites

Relationships and Psychology
Building Relationships
Between You and Me
Coaching the Life Coach
Conscious Relationship Seminars
Counselling Techniqes for Speech-Language Pathologists
Extraordinary Relationships Podcast
The Humanity Podcast
Joy of Living Creatively
Just for Women
Life Habits
Living Dialogues
Psych 140: Developmental Psychology
Purpose-Centered Life
Radical NLP
Relationship Matters
Relationship Talk Podcast
Sex. Love and Intimacy
Tai Chi for Well-Being
The Tai Chi Power Hour Podcasts
Aha Moments
CCL Leading Effectively
Open Wide
Conversations with Friends
Conversations with the Masters
Voices of Wisdom
Intuition into Action
The Ethicist
The Rational Basis of Happiness

Diet for a Hungry Planet
City Talks: Building Better Cities
Cooking Up a Story
David Suzuki Foundation Weekly Podcast
Deconstructing Dinner
GreenTalk Radio
Hands On Podcast Podcast
Living Green
TERRA: The Nature of Our World
Social Entrepreneurship
Global Health and Development
Sustainable Table

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you’re apt to keep very unusual habits.
Whether you’re a night owl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence – you like to experiment with your lifestyle.
Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.
You enjoy staying home, but that doesn’t mean you’re a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

Dramatic Prairie Dog

Dramatic Lemur

The Real Simpsons

1. Miss Piggy and Kermit

2. George and Mary Bailey

3. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

4. Pucca and Garu

Can you think of any more?

Mastercard’s Priceless commercials

Pathfinder: Legend of the Ghost Warrior
The Promise
Dynamite Warrior
Beowulf, or, perhaps the Canadian version: Beowulf and Grendel
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
The Host
10,000 B.C.
The Golden Compass
Don’t know what category this goes in, actually, but it’s an epic documentary: The Secret
Another documentary, but epic as well: Koyaanisqatsi

I can has cheezburger makes me LOL. Srsly. Not sure what it all means? Read about lolcats, or read this, it’s very exciting. Linguistically. Plus there are buckets.

ROFLMAO procat.jpg

128295619720157500unsuspectingcat.jpg 128297011302345000andatswheni.jpg

flavor halp

JESUS CHRIST IT�S A LION critical mass

happycat jabba

bunny cookie sup cat

It kinda started with cat macros and lolcats, probably not these blogs specifically, but with the general idea, and grew from there. See also stuff on my cat and my cat hates you.

Oh, and somewhat related, there is now a disapproving rabbits blog! And of course, don’t forget cute overload…have you been there lately?


here they are!

The Great Wall, China
Petra, Jordan
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Machu Picchu, Peru
Chichén Itzá, Mexico
The Roman Colosseum, Italy
The Taj Mahal, India

my votes (way back in October 2006) were:
Christ Redeemer
Easter Island Statues
Great Wall of China
Pyramids of Giza

meh. only three out of seven. oh well 🙂

Sexy lady/tuna commercial:

Make a wish!

Sad lizard drama:

Other funny ones:

Too much wind?

Oh, Mama!

Blindingly white laundry

Xbox shootout!!

The human touch

I have a PC and i love my computer, but i think these Mac ads are so much fun! Mac is cool, but PC is a adorable, and i like that the whole ad series is in a spirit of friendly competition. Watch them all!

First, listen to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”

(here are the lyrics if you need them)

Then, watch this video of David Armand as Johann Lippowitz “interpreting” this song, as “karaoke for the deaf”–it’s hilarious.

Then, for a special show, watch this one second. It’s even better 🙂

[note to English learners: if you think it was hard to hear the words in the song, just look at this page…even native speakers of English often misunderstand lyrics.]

And, as I mentioned in class when we were talking about sayings related to house and home, here is the same comedian doing Paul Young’s “Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)”. [Lyrics]

Originally posted on November 1, 2006


The picture above is a perfect depiction of halloween…somewhat spooky, somewhat intriguing, somewhat cozy. It’s from Jacek Yerka’s collection of artwork. I love this kind of thing: odd, fantastical, extremely detailed, fantasy, subconscious, symbolic…it takes quite a while to notice everything that’s in the picture, and you’re never quite sure what it means, but somehow it’s like your own dreamscape, and it feels like it makes sense.

Hostess with the Mostess has a few posts on a bunch of halloween goodies for entertaining in the spirit of the holiday…I especially like the ceramic pumpkin lanterns…the ghost tealight holders…the cookies and chocolates…the black twig candles…and the various plates…

Martha Stewart also has a really neat alternative idea to silly jack-o-lanterns: lace-carved pumpkins. Beautiful! (But somewhat ridiculous! There’s no way those of us who have normal lives could afford the time it would take to make one of these…Damn you, Martha!)

Feeling a little hungry? How about some snacks?

And check out this cute little guy!

Originally posted October 19, 2006

This is an excellent chance to be part of a worldwide initiative!

The original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are, well, ancient, and they need updating, so…

Vote for your picks for the new wonders of the world here:

I’ve narrowed my choices down to

The Colosseum
The Eiffel Tower
The Great Wall of China
The Taj Mahal
The Pyramids of Giza
The Statue of Christ Redeemer
The Easter Island Statues
Chichen Itza

I might try this as a discussion in class and see if any of my students’ arguments sway me….


Okay, I finally voted. Here was my final vote: Angkor, Christ Redeemer, Colosseum, Easter Island Statues, Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge.

What about you?

Originally posted on August 25, 2006

A lot of fun stuff for you today:

Can’t remember where i found this photo, but i just love the colours of the wrapping.

Need new office supplies? Check out the Underwear-shaped Rubber Bands

Wow! Is this on TV in North America? I just love this animated Coca-Cola commercial, “Happiness Factory”. Best parts: the Luv Puppies, the snowman shredder, the penguins waving ‘bye to the coke bottle.

Just in case you lose track during the weekly grind: Is it Friday?

This is especially for my friend Jeff–Bugging You–because we have always believed that it is our purpose in life to bother each other. Whenever we call, we start off our conversations like this:
“Hi, am I bothering you?
“No? Too bad! I’ll have to try harder!”

And I thought this article, 50 Common Interview Q&A, would be something interesting to do with my advanced level class, as the majority of them need English for business purposes. Except of course, I will just give them the list at first, and ask them to speculate on why the interviewer might ask each question, and what kind of answer would be best to give.

Finally, Tony Roma’s here in Korea is having a 40% off event every Monday until September 30. Print off the coupons and go enjoy! How about it, Liz?


(Click for full-size cartoon)

The only reason I regret not being able to watch North American TV:


Daniel Dae Kim from Lost