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Can you believe that I just watched Say Anything for the first time in my life? And I grew up in the 80s…

Siskel and Ebert’s review of the movie:

Which led me to Siskel and Ebert’s review of Princess Bride:

Which I decided to watch again….Inconceivable!

Though unfortunately, if you have never seen this, I have to warn you that the very last few minutes of the movie are obliterated.

And since this is YouTube, these links probably won’t be valid for long…enjoy while you can!

Dramatic Prairie Dog

Dramatic Lemur

The Real Simpsons

Mastercard’s Priceless commercials

Ocean’s 13
Gone Baby Gone
No Country for Old Men
Vantage Point
The Kingdom

Once and one of the songs from the movie, Falling Slowly, which was written by the lead actors themselves
Three Times
Something New
Georgia Rule
In the Land of Woman
No Reservations
Things We Lost in the Fire
Broken English
Feast of Love
Becoming Jane
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Time to Leave
Reign over Me
Close to Home
Lust, Caution
Dans Paris
Goya’s Ghosts
This Is England
Into the Wild
Margot at the Wedding
December Boys
Um, documentary actually, but very dramatic: The 11th Hour
August Rush
Away from Her

and a blast from the past: Good Will Hunting

The Ten
The Valet
The Ex
The Darjeeling Limited
2 Days in Paris
Broken Flowers
The Savages
Gray Matters
Nancy Drew
Death at a Funeral
My Best Friend
Charlie Bartlett
Rocket Science
Introducing the Dwights
Eagle vs. Shark
Red Doors

and i still love this clip from Shark Tale

and, remember this? As Good as It Gets

Lasse Gjertsen is one of those people who makes me believe in the goodness of humanity again 🙂 his work is his play, and his work represents truth and beauty. i think he knows what life is…he’s wacky and addicted to porn, but he’s got a vision that most of us don’t have. Anyway, this first video is the first i saw of his mad editing skillz:

Then, i looked around a bit more and found these:

And then he popped up again with this…really beautiful…

I love how this visualization lets you experience the Toccata and Fugue in a new way:

And these next two are awesome videos from the visual art perspective (if not from the musical perspective–i could take or leave the songs…)

It’s weird that it’s an English song–i don’t listen to North American music much…

I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past 2 days…played it for all three of my classes yesterday…

Watch this!

Mom’s really into Indian food these days–she went out with Jaret to a great little place when he was visiting…she likes the naan, chapatis and butter chicken:



This woman is lovely! A beautiful and kind woman, and an admirable cook!

Butter Chicken: here‘s a doable recipe.

What i want to learn is how to make pide:


Yang Long Form

Simplified Tai Chi 1 of 2

Simplified Tai Chi 2 of 2

Tai Chi 48 Form 1 of 2

Tai Chi 48 Form 2 of 2

Tai Chi Yang Style by Mike Watson