1. bluebird flattie: What a great idea for plush toys…flatties! Bigger ones would be a great pillow idea.
2. granny square: I love these colours together–kind of like Cath Kidston‘s colour combinations. I think i’ll take the colours and make a hexagon blanket (or Babette) for a friend of mine who is expecting…
3. stitches: i *heart* the look of linen…can i get my sewing machine now? no? no. gotta finish playing with my new oven first ๐Ÿ™‚
4. Little Dumpling: kikikiki ๐Ÿ™‚ i love anthropomorphic food…and if it’s also fuzzy, so much the better!
5. Cajita Jardรญn: maderadecolores does lots of beautiful painted boxes…inspiring!
6. Bedroom: the colours here are amazing, so dramatic…i have a couple of ideas for Shinjae’s blanket colour scheme, and this is one of them…
7. frayed: from an awesome pool on flickr, textiles from around the world, this one shows the dramatic nature of textiles ๐Ÿ™‚
8. Purple daisy clip & 9. Toddler clip: Hmmm…these two get me thinking….felt could be a fun craft medium too….
10. little purse: handsewing…
11. *color is good*: yes, it is!
12. voltaremos dia 21 de julho:…linen and handsewing…
13. still life with market bag: awesome stripes on the bag!
14. “You sleep in the bed of a 1976 Pimp?”: …you do? can i?
15. mybag2: vintage hankies sewn together?
16. Violet Bon Bon Bag:…and more linen…and what a great idea–goody bags for us big kids!