Originally posted on October 21st, 2006


Cute Overload is one of those blogs that one ABSOLUTELY MUST check out EVERY DAY. Just to keep yourself on the cusp of Overload (too much cute!) and Withdrawal (…must…see…cute). Mostly cute animals, but the occasional cute product, plush toy, website, or cartoon character.

These are a few of my favourite recent entries:
AND YOU THOT that other Seal puppage was cute? Ha.
I know, huhn?
It’s Stu, the newly egotistical pocket pet!
Princess Di just called…
One ear: Baroo!? Other ear: flop
Piglette lips
Xtreme gluttony
This just in: A melting pug
Australian Animal Favorites 4
Goodbye, Steve

There are some cute videos too:
A Day in the Life of the Shorthairs
Rule #26 IN ACTION
Sooooooo tie-tie
“Growing…changing…” [say in High School counselor voice]

And there are also references to other cute sites:
Stuff on My Cat
Baruchito the Hamster
Disapproving Rabbits
Cats (with captions)
The Dog Club

I have to say, my favourite is the disapproving rabbits!