Originally posted on August 25, 2006

A lot of fun stuff for you today:

Can’t remember where i found this photo, but i just love the colours of the wrapping.

Need new office supplies? Check out the Underwear-shaped Rubber Bands

Wow! Is this on TV in North America? I just love this animated Coca-Cola commercial, “Happiness Factory”. Best parts: the Luv Puppies, the snowman shredder, the penguins waving ‘bye to the coke bottle.

Just in case you lose track during the weekly grind: Is it Friday?

This is especially for my friend Jeff–Bugging You–because we have always believed that it is our purpose in life to bother each other. Whenever we call, we start off our conversations like this:
“Hi, am I bothering you?
“No? Too bad! I’ll have to try harder!”

And I thought this article, 50 Common Interview Q&A, would be something interesting to do with my advanced level class, as the majority of them need English for business purposes. Except of course, I will just give them the list at first, and ask them to speculate on why the interviewer might ask each question, and what kind of answer would be best to give.

Finally, Tony Roma’s here in Korea is having a 40% off event every Monday until September 30. Print off the coupons and go enjoy! How about it, Liz?


(Click for full-size cartoon)

The only reason I regret not being able to watch North American TV:


Daniel Dae Kim from Lost